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 RIB 044 - SZABÓ TAMÁS "Taylor's clothes"


SZABÓ TAMÁS Taylor's clothes


Tamás Szabó became known as the famous musician of Palermo Boogie Gang. After the group had put an end to its life, he-like many others - tried himself as a soloist. The record, which appeared under the title of 'Taylor's clothes' as the publication of Rock in' Box, shows the diverse talent of the performer. It seems if he changed his musical styles as often as he changes his clothes, performing either as musician or as vocalist. The various material will certainly offer pleasant time to spend to the demanding audience.

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 Track Listing
1. Done A Lot Of Wrong Things 
2. Bread and Butter
3. Rap Attack / futuring Borry White jr. 
4. Never-ending Love
5. All Because OfYou 
6. Evergreen Pinetop 
7. Shakey Bully Stomp 
8. September Song
9. Collin
10. Willow Weep For Me 
11. Baby Blue
12. Old Train's Song 
13. Alone


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