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 RIB 052 - NAGY SZABOLCS "The Song Is Ended"




Rock in' Box- as its customers may know- gives opportunities to performers to introduce themselves who hadn't had such possibilities at all so far. Here can be mentioned the works of Hundows Hungarian guitar-group (RIB32), Barbara Dorogi (RIB29) and Tamás Szabó as well (RIB44). Szabolcs Nagy & Co. are also to add to this group with their particular ability to perform the hits of the great ones of swing and traditional jazz. Besides, their own songs justify how famous the style of the '40s is even today.

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 Track Listing
1. I Might Be Here
2. Home Again Blues 
3. Hollywood
4. Crawfish Fiesta 
5. Hula Blues
6. Change Partner 
7. Yacht Club Swing 
8. Let There Be Love
9. Professor Longhair Medley 
10. Double Bass Blues
11. My Bunny
12. The Song Is Ended


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