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 RIB 031 - Dorogi Barbara - "Night Time is the Right Time"


Dorogi Barbara - Night Time is the Right Time


Apart from winning the sympathy of music-lovers by publishing CD-rarities, Rock in' Box backs up new talents' career as well. Dorogi Barbara is one of these new talents. The singer is a promising member of inland blues-music. Some songs of hers include ragtime elements, too, which is rather rare in this genre, but that's why it's so peculiar. The use of instruments worth mentioning as we can hear the sounds of piano accordion, tuba or conga.

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 Track Listing
1. Rabbit Foot Shake 
2. Keep Cooking Papa 
3. But I Forgive You 
4. Keep On Knockin'
5. Me and My Chauffeur Blues 
6. Baby, Please
7. Night Time is the Right Time 
8. Tell Me Pretty Baby
9. When Things Go Wrong 
10. Blues in the Morning 
11. Rabbit Hop Stomp
12. Young Woman's Blues 
13. I Gotta Go Home
14. More Than You Know 
15. Love in Vain


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