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 RIB 035 - Abc Trió - Caravan


Abc Trió - Caravan


In the early '50s, a great number of harmonica-groups played music all over the world. It's enough to mention Lou Adler or the Hotcha Trio. This instrument was popular either as accompaniment or as solo instrument as far as it went out of fashion. In Hungary, the ABC trio made some hits with the help of harmonica around 1964. The republishing of their former records might be appreciated. Some songs of the repertory…

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 Track Listing
1. Caravan 
2. Pacsirta
3. Blue Spanish Eyes
4. Give Me Your Heart Tonight 
5. Singing in The Rain
6. Spanyol tánc 
7. Memory
8. Sabre Dance
9. A-moll Koncert csárdás 
10. Mexican Hat Dance
11. Popcorn
12. Yes Sír, Thats My Baby... 
13. Boogie-Woogie
14. Monti Csárdás 
15. Caravan II.
16. Thc Shadow of Your Smile


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